Pop of Color in the Dead of Winter

by Jennifer Lysen

Sometimes it's nice to make a mistake.  Two of my Ginger Windfall skeins in the last run had a bit of tie shadow so I took them out as seconds.  I knitted them into a single color Woodsman Cowl and it has become my favorite winter accessory.  Here, next to my pale-as-the-dead winter skin, it brings some much needed color to the picture.

 It doesn't take much to convince myself that I should keep some of the yarn for myself.  It's like fostering kittens, pretty soon you have to just admit that they are there to stay.

We are running low on the Windfall in the online shop but we will have a shop update that includes more Windfall next month.  Apple Yarns, in Bellingham, also carries this lofty, smooshable yarn.