We're back

by Jennifer Lysen

Two holidays, 1800 miles of snowy driving and three families visited.  We are glad to be back home and resting.  The shop is back open and we are working away in the studio.  Today we dropped off a large order at Apple Yarn that is destined for VKL NY.  It will be exciting for a new market go see our yarn.  

We are putting a new ‘color’ in the shop, Snow.  This is our naked yarn that has a beautiful crisp, bright cream color that reminds me of the white fluffy stuff that we used to see more often. The past few years have been pretty lean on snow in Washington State.  It is nice to see Mt. Baker (above) completely covered. 

The Snow is available in the shop in Sapling, Old Growth and Windfall.

Stay tuned for new color releases and new patterns.  All of the things are happening and it is going to be a heck of a new year.