Happy Earth Day!

by Jennifer Lysen in

Our palette is expanding again to include these beautiful colors from nature:

Robin Red-Breast - spice red, semi-solid.  These happy looking little birds are all around us this time of year with their blushing red chests, trying to attract a mate. Their increased activity makes them territorial and makes Ginger the Beagle go crazy.  She is just sure they are taunting her.

Undertow -  light blue, semi-solid.  Under the murky water of the Pacific Ocean lies an entirely different world full of brilliant color and life.  The undertow is what tugs at your feet with each wave, reminding you what lies underneath.

Ink - charcoal, semi-solid.  Ink, as in SQUID! The liquid secreted by these cephalopods is their defense mechanism, creating a diversion so they can escape.  Some one, at some point in time, decided it would be good in food.  Who comes up with these ideas?!  I can't argue with results though.  Squid Ink pasta is delicious.  So thank you, mystery stranger.

As usual, all new colors are available in the shop, for now, in Sapling Sock only.