Simple, Versatile, Genuine

by Jennifer Lysen in

The color brown is one of my favorites.  The color of earth, wood, coffee, chocolate; what's not to like?!  Here are four new colorways in our palette.

Smoked Porter - semi-solid chocolate brown. What is more PNW than beer?! Dark, light, heavy or nitro, we love our fermented libations. Particularly if they are homemade. Viking husband's beer collective, 542 Brew, cranks out delicious homemade beer so I am lucky that there is never a shortage in our house.

Bark - semi-solid medium cocoa brown. This is a gorgeous color and so hard to do justice to in photographs

Cervidae - semi-solid tawny brown. Latin for deer. These little wee ones were in the front yard last year and there are babies in the forest behind the house again this year. They are too cute and not afraid enough. Live well and run fast little guys.

Toasted Marshmallow - semi-solid cream. A staple when camping. I love to camp. We haven't been since the Little Viking came into our lives. So sitting in the yard and roasting marshmallows for no reason should be acceptable.

All four colors are available in the Sapling Sock weight in the shop and they will appear in Old Growth Worsted in the shop soon.