New Color . . . s + Spring is here?

by Jennifer Lysen in

The calendar says winter but the outdoors say spring!  We are having unseasonably warm weather and I, for one, am glad.  When you live in a place that has its fair share of rain, you are pleased to see the sun and get a little extra Vitamin D.  It enabled me to hike up the arboretum this week for a little lunch knit picnic.  

We have two new colors to launch this week:

Moss - brilliant grassy green semi solid.  Ode to the plant that grows on every available outdoor surface.

I am not kidding, it's everywhere.  On the barn, on the trees, look, even on my bumper.  It's a bit of a nuisance but pretty to look at.

Deep Cascadian Love - rich, deep magenta semi solid, in honor of my husband.  This is a seasonal color and will be available through the end of February.  

Both new colorways are available in the shop in the Sapling Sock weight.  Stormy Skies is also available again in the shop after a brief sell out.