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As my husband would say, "we live in a screensaver".

 Mount Baker

Mount Baker

 The gully behind the house

The gully behind the house

We live in a small, wooded valley at the foot of Mount Baker in the Pacific Northwest.   The colors that live around us are phenomenally beautiful and have inspired the shades we use for our hand dyed yarn.  We are starting with a modest list of color ways but will be expanding and new colors will come on line quickly.  Here are the opening colors:

Pacific Bleeding Heart - Purple/Magenta variegated, named after the wildflower found in the woods of Western Washington State.

Stormy Skies - Charcoal/Silver variegated, inspired by the dark and stormy skies that the PNW is known for.

Noble - Deep pine semi-solid, named after the Noble Fir trees that are mere steps outside our backdoor.  That is my husband, picking up last year's Christmas tree.

Ginger - Rustic brown semi-solid, name after my beautiful beagle, Ginger. This color is the exact reddish brown that covers her head and the cute little tick marks on her legs.

These are our various yarn weights:

Old Growth Worsted - 100% merino yarn with a tight twist.  Hand wash, lay flat dry.

Yearling DK - coming soon

Sapling Sock - 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon sock weight.  Machine wash cool, lay flat dry.

Seed Lace - coming soon

Each color is listed as it is dyed but do not hesitate to contact us if there is a larger quantity of a certain color/weight you would like to order.  Lead times will be given accordingly.  

There will be new colors listed very soon including a seasonal pick for the Valentine holiday.