Shop Update 6/5

by Jennifer Lysen

The greens are back!  Check out the shop to get your dose of greens ;)

Moss - Sapling Sock, Sprouts

Noble - Sapling Sock, Sprouts

Mermaid - Sapling Sock, Sprouts

The Grass is Always Greener - Sapling Sock, Sprouts

Shop Update!

by Jennifer Lysen

Our very first, regularly scheduled shop update is live!  Including this new colorway: Rocky Beach

Included in this update: 

Magic Hour - Sapling Sock, Sprouts

Oyster - Sapling Sock, Sprouts

Northern Sky - Sapling Sock, Sprouts, Old Growth Worsted

Toasted Marshmallow - Sapling Sock, Sprouts

Twilight - Old Growth Worsted

Love Freckles - Sapling Sock, Sprouts, Sapling Luxe, Old Growth Worsted, Windfall Super Bulky

Rocky Beach - Sapling Sock

Fem Trekanter - A Yarny Cross Stitch Design

by Jennifer Lysen

We all have sock yarn remnants.  Sometimes it's just a teeny tiny bit but we can't seem to get rid of it.  We can't throw them away, they are beautiful! Why not incorporate them into a cross stitch design that can be displayed in your house and you can see them all of the time!  This is cross stitch pattern is available in our shop for download.  It only requires 5 yds of 5 colors of sock yarn!


Sample A was sewn in Lilac, Peach Ice Cream, Rhododendron, Yellow Bell and Mermaid

Sample B was sewn in Ink, Alpine Lake, Fog, Magic Hour and Oyster

New Color: Magic Hour

by Jennifer Lysen

Magic Hour - dusty, cedar rose.  The time just after sunrise and just before sunset that creates photography magic.  The air turns pink and softens every surface.

This new color is available in the shop in all bases.

New Color: Midnight at the Mountain

by Jennifer Lysen

Midnight at the Mountain - dark navy blue.  Night skiing, thrilling nocturnal sport or certain death?  I wouldn't know.  But I do know that on a clear night, with a full moon, Mt Baker glows like beacon outside our backdoor.  The stark contrast of the white snow against the dark blue sky is intoxicating. 

This new color is available in all bases in our shop.

New Color: Northern Sky

by Jennifer Lysen

Northern Sky - cool, mint green.  This brilliant, minty green is inspired by the Aurora Borealis which are particularly active in the fall and winter months.  On a clear night, and at a high enough altitude, you can see mint green streaks cut across the night sky.

This is available in the shop in all bases.

New Color: Twilight

by Jennifer Lysen

Twilight - purple/grey.  Nothing to do with blood suckers from Forks but everything to do with the Washington sky.  Twilight is the beautiful purple color that lights up the sky moments after the sun goes down.  Also the ambiguous time listed as 'closing hour' for state parks.  

This new color is available in our shop in all bases and is the first of our 2016 fall collection.  Our entire collection is based on colors of the PNW sky and will be releasing all this week so stay tuned!

Sea Folk - New Pattern

by Jennifer Lysen

Sea Folk is a modern take on the fisherman style.  Featuring an asymmetrical twisted stitch brim and a three needle bind off top, this slouchy cap is suitable for both men and women and will keep you warm on blustery, salty days.  It requires just one skein of our Old Growth Worsted and knits up quick for a nice gift.


This pattern is FREE with code SALTY2016 until 8/29.  Enjoy and get knittin' for fall!




by Jennifer Lysen

For dyers and knit designers, the summer time is head down, prep for the busy fall.  We have many great events coming up, this is where you can find us:


Trunk Show
Northwest Handspun, Bellingham, WA
September 17th, 12 noon – 4pm


Fiber Fusions NW
Monroe, WA
October 15th – 16th


Knit Fit!
Seattle (Ballard), WA
November 11th-13th

Trunk Show
Serial Knitters, Kirkland, WA
Date TBD




by Jennifer Lysen

Spring has finally arrived.  Birds are singing (and singing and singing at our house), flowers are starting to bloom and new colors are released.    

Rhododendron - bright, rose pink.  Rhododendron macrophyllum, a hearty, dense wooden plant, native to the alpine areas of the Northwest.  It is beautiful and sturdy species that represents wild, uncontrollable nature.  All the things I personally aspire to be.

Yellow Bell -  light, cheery yellow.  Fritillaria pudica, native to the Northwest and abundant on the hills behind my house where I grew up.  My sister and I would sneak through the cattle fence and run up and down the hills picking these beauties.

Peach Ice Cream -  vibrant peach/pink.  Every year, on my birthday, my dad would make peach ice cream from scratch.  It wasn't meant to be a  tradition, we had an orchard and peaches were ripe in July.  After the first few years it became a thing that I had to have peach ice cream on my birthday.  It still is a thing.

The Grass is Always Greener - light, grassy yellow/green.  Full disclosure: this color was an accident, but a happy accident.  While trying to create a different shade, I mis-measured my dye and ended up with a color I liked better than the original.  Proving the proverb is true.  The grass is always greener on the other side.

These beautiful colors are available in the shop in Sapling Sock and will soon be available in other weights as well.  Stay tuned for more exciting announcements later this month!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

by Jennifer Lysen

To celebrate the Irish part of my family, we are doing 25% off all online orders 3/17 - 3/20.  Code: KISSME2016.  These lovely greens are available in the shop, including an early release of one of our new spring colors, The Grass is Always Greener (center).  Available in Sapling Sock and Old Growth Worsted.

Pop of Color in the Dead of Winter

by Jennifer Lysen

Sometimes it's nice to make a mistake.  Two of my Ginger Windfall skeins in the last run had a bit of tie shadow so I took them out as seconds.  I knitted them into a single color Woodsman Cowl and it has become my favorite winter accessory.  Here, next to my pale-as-the-dead winter skin, it brings some much needed color to the picture.

 It doesn't take much to convince myself that I should keep some of the yarn for myself.  It's like fostering kittens, pretty soon you have to just admit that they are there to stay.

We are running low on the Windfall in the online shop but we will have a shop update that includes more Windfall next month.  Apple Yarns, in Bellingham, also carries this lofty, smooshable yarn.

Event: Stitches West!

by Jennifer Lysen

While we won't be vending at Stitches West this year, we will still be there and so will our yarn.  

Apple Yarns (booth #1233) will have our yarn for sale and you can find us at their booth on Saturday 2/20 11am - 1pm.  Come by and see us and squish some softness!

We're back

by Jennifer Lysen

Two holidays, 1800 miles of snowy driving and three families visited.  We are glad to be back home and resting.  The shop is back open and we are working away in the studio.  Today we dropped off a large order at Apple Yarn that is destined for VKL NY.  It will be exciting for a new market go see our yarn.  

We are putting a new ‘color’ in the shop, Snow.  This is our naked yarn that has a beautiful crisp, bright cream color that reminds me of the white fluffy stuff that we used to see more often. The past few years have been pretty lean on snow in Washington State.  It is nice to see Mt. Baker (above) completely covered. 

The Snow is available in the shop in Sapling, Old Growth and Windfall.

Stay tuned for new color releases and new patterns.  All of the things are happening and it is going to be a heck of a new year.

On Vacation

by Jennifer Lysen

The shop is on vacation while we are on vacation!  We are on the road east to visit my family and then on to Sun River.  So far, lots of driving and snow.  Happy holidays!

Harvest Arms

by Jennifer Lysen

It is rapid fire pattern release time around here.  This is our second release this week.  The Harvest Arms is a fancy fingerless mitt pattern featuring twisted stitch cables and eyelet details.  They are a great pattern for crisp late fall mornings filled with apple picking, pumpkin choosing, coffee sipping or whatever else your day brings.  This is our first paid pattern and is available in the shop and on Ravelry.   

The Woodsman

by Jennifer Lysen

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. . ."

The Woodsman is a chunky knit cowl in our new yarn, Windfall.  It is a quick knit and a great idea for a fast Christmas gift.  Suitable for ladies and lumberjacks alike.


By Jennifer Lysen for Cedar House Yarns


·         Two skeins Windfall Super Bulky (shown in Ink and Oyster)

·         Size US 15 needles (or size needed to make gauge)

·         Stitch marker

·         Large yarn needle


·         10 st = 4 inches in  seed stitch


CO                          cast on

K                             knit

P                             purl

St                           stitch

PM                         place marker


CO 69 stitches in Color A, pm and join to knit in the round

R1: (K1, P1), repeat to last stitch, k1.

R2: (P1, K1), repeat to last stitch, p1.

Work previous 2 rounds 8 more times

Switch to Color B, repeat R1 & R2 9 times

Bind off all stitches loosely.  I prefer to use an Icelandic bind off for this project but use which ever method suits you best.

Icelandic Bind off

Knit first stitch, transfer that stitch back onto the left needle.  Insert your right needle back into that stitch, as if to purl, and then into the next stitch, as if to knit.  Knit both stitches together, transfer the stitch to the left needle and repeat.  This is a nice bind off to use with loose garter or seed stitch.

Weave in your ends and enjoy!